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Lead to mastopexy


The more common term for mastopexy Abu Dhabi is breast lift or alteration of the breast. It is the process that leads to the depletion of the extra dermal area around the breast, it is also done to alter and elevate the breast to have a determined breast type of your desire without any use of a bra. One might be having further interest in this if one is having elongated and plain breast, if the position of the areola is directed downward or enlarged, if the breast size is unequal and if the dermal layers around the breast are stretching.


There are several reasons for this but if we comprise these, we get to the conclusion that it might be due to weight loss, feeding the young ones, or broadly in pregnancy cases, some might be having genetic issues while it can be due to the age factor.

Mastopexy is the surgical process and before performing the surgery marking is done as per the plan and normal anesthetic conditions are applied. The marked dermal area around the breast is depleted and straight or elongated or any other type mentioned above is being altered in these surgeries according to the plan.


Surgery is not a piece of cake, not every other person can be a good surgeon. When selecting the surgeon for your surgery it is not only the criteria to select the surgeon there are several others criteria too. Action speaks louder than words so for this one should go for the reviews regarding the surgeon you are approaching. A surgeon must concern about your safety and health before any plan or decision.

After selecting the surgeon, the consultant should be guided regarding her surgery briefly. Due to this every possible aspect and conclusion can be discussed and it also helps you to discuss what you expect and what is your concern about this surgery. Before your surgery, your surgeon will check your medical history and will conduct your surgery according to the condition


Surgery is about 1 to 1.5 hours after which sometimes a patient can go home but sometimes bed rest of limited hours up to one-night stay is prescribed according to the condition while exercises and use of a supportive bra are advised for about 5-6 weeks. According to the data collection, people in Dubai are discharged after the surgery and these patients must have to take proper rest and medication according to the doctors’ prescription. The scars are going to appear red and seem to be lumpy but all these are going to disappear after some time, rest is regarding the stitches which are going to be removed by your surgeon.

We perform these surgical processes with skilled and trustworthy hands you can book now an appointment and get your breast altered. Surgical results can be observed just after the surgery and they remain for a more extended period. Something that must be cleared regarding mastopexy is that this is not the procedure of altering the size of the breast but do uplift the breast.


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